Written years ago.
Still… Timely.

Family tree seed has grown this tale,

of a long lost relative who served in the civil war

On the side of the union.

He was captured and captive 12 months at Andersonville,

and survived to write of the horrors.

That publication is allegedly in…

Aka: “The Memeing of Life”
And the pervasiveness of weaponized cultural Colonization as mind rape

The subject of presumably overly simplistic, or downright inaccurate memes has been coming up increasingly, and a recently published and highly acclaimed book details the basics. …

This last trek back was a record.

Left Denver at 0900 on Friday morning, didn’t get to my destination until 0330/4. Usually it only takes 13–14 hours, perhaps I was abducted by aliens somewhere in NM? I did stop in Santa Fe (the general halfway point) for about an hour…

I apologize wholeheartedly,
for imparting any impression I am
Pro-Choice. Or Pro-Abortion. Or Pro-Life.

I’m Pro-Liberty.

Here’s what it means to be “pro-choice” in a dystopian society that’s rapidly circling the drain. It means endorsing medical surveillance, it means allowing politicians to think for even a moment they may claim…

is too fleeting…
for me to be much preoccupied or compelled by relational aspects of it.

Even mere interest is… challenging,
when the benefit is not relative with the risks,
and costs to my time and energy.

I am affected by this,
where most others are not. …

5 minute prompt Sandra Marinella writing workshop: “The Story You Need to Tell” 3–23–18

Where was I going, growing… all fleet feet, then my ankle collapsed under the weight of titan travels and too many years on point dancing with stars and authoring my own constellations. These are strong journey feet, my callous crawling knees pop, and i spend most of my time biting back the bitter betrayal of my body, bent to bane by the paths of its ambitions.


Today, after many years of weathering so many storms,
my beloved star pattern umbrella…
originally purchased at Fashion Nation on 13th Ave,
Once upon a Denver…
finally succumbed to the gentle weight of a steady and soft desert rain.

The thin, damp skin of it folding into itself,

Taken at Lone Cone, San Miguel County, Norwood CO 2013

Dedicated to Rachel Joy Scott, who knew she was going to die and wrote about it quite sometime before the incident which claimed her life… to the brief time I was fortunate to be acquainted with her. To all poets, those often called “witches”, the eclectic intuitive, the differently abled…

All the reasons I was prone to explore=

Just because you “live” here doesn’t mean you are fortunate.
I cannot describe why this is troubling, though it is pervasive and profound.
I don’t encounter this elsewhere.
Though maybe this is about history.
And comfort-ability

Seems everyone I know here is actively sedated,
or completely oblivious to the reality of progressive demise,
in its…

Cass Steele

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