Mets vs Yankees

Cass Steele
4 min readDec 29, 2020

Aka: “The Memeing of Life”
And the pervasiveness of weaponized cultural Colonization as mind rape

The subject of presumably overly simplistic, or downright inaccurate memes has been coming up increasingly, and a recently published and highly acclaimed book details the basics. To be fair, I have yet to read this book, but would welcome the insight of those who are interested in reviewing its more nuanced ideological merits!

There’s also an author featured monthly in KCW Today, London News Global Views who has a rather subversive platform for his work. Marius Brill’s is a playwright, novelist, and film-maker who’s work is of note, and it’s interesting he somehow (incidentally) answered a page I began on another platform re: “Love in the Age of c-vid” with his April 3rd blog. It was an invitation for those who love writing to share short stories about their c-vid interpersonal experiences, fiction or not.

The founder of the platform where I had started the page/community/cell recently did a broadcast titled “Decolonize Your Mind” and queries “What does it mean to be colonized?” This is a very important message, in my observation.

I would ask: What does it meme to be colonized?
And I posit that the order may be taller than just personally learning our history in the context of colonization; but also how mass deception and misdirection is still very much being used to colonize our minds and engineer behavioral predictive programing, in addition to nullifying critical thinking and basic cognition. This is often and easily done via memes.

Alan Watts spoke of memes, as well as compulsive thinking in that the mind may be its own colonizer, as well as popularization and group think/hive mind.

What does it meme to be colonized?
Mets vs Yankees…

Here’s an appraisal of some recent, and wildly popular memes, it’s curious to me that few people actually think of them. It’s concerning that colonization of the mind has or may continue to diminish the capacity for reason, objection, or rationale. Forget the super scary injection, we’re already being lobotomized by mass media, when and where we allow that.

Here’s the first wildly popular recently circulating meme:

The Mets

I love it that so many people fell for the click bait aspects of this meme.
First of all- who the heck is this ethereal “WE”?!

“WE” forget Eleanor of Aquitaine who, rode “Pregnant and bare breasted into battle” in the middle ages. If “we” are to observe the tale of Lysistrata, it would be obvious that the only reason the “seeds of revolution” were to germinate at all- would be due to very fertile soil in the form of discontent with British rule. Additionally- that hunting, war, and blood sport will likely continue to be as popular a pass time among malcontent males as

What was it: “Taverns”, “Restaurants” (which in 1765–1783, were the SAME THING as “taverns”), and “Churches”. Just a thought.

I submit “The closures Now”, have zero to do with suppressing a “revolution”.
Though the “lives that matter” (in any context) may claim otherwise…

Here’s an idea of what understanding “the closures now” may (IMHO) be related to instead:

When I had friends who were in a super hot hurry to exercise their “Right to Assemble (peaceably?)”, I have always gotten my horns out for a nice game of devil’s advocate. Here’s why “the crown” (if we’re going for post dated relative accuracy), would definitely want you to do that: because it gets everyone (or many) adherents to a particular ideology together in one area- making them (you?) much easier to round up instead of “track down”.

I propose the closures are much less about preventing a theoretical “revolution”; than surreptitiously breaking the soul and spirit of the masses, deliberately inducing disaffectation, and making people actually ill on many levels without those people having any capacity to be aware they are being MADE sick.

Again, forget some super scary illness, or a big bad injection…
Those are just ingredients in a recipe.

In sports terms this looks exactly like: Mets vs Yankees

2 different factions, same nationalism, same sport… but how different are the cultures REALLY? Being not a New Yorker, and not even especially a sports fan I cannot attest to this. The game I see being played is many memes (or colonizers), some of them rushing to conclusions which are spurious or generally erroneous on basis or determination (sometimes both).

Meme #2 “Facts Disorder”:
Clown World Dropout recently noted this one to be erroneous.
And I followed up with a clip from a recent show about a real world victim of Munchausen Syndrome by proxy (recently revised as: factitious disorder), who survived the abuse and was convicted of murdering her abuser (mother).

Also: On the new found “pardons” list, should be this young woman,
Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

I wish as many people knew her story, as were giving empty “likes” and shares to memes that are factually inaccurate. Maybe then, kids wouldn’t have to kill their abusive parents to get justice?! Or “revolution”, or plant seeds… perhaps fewer minds would or even could, be colonized.