The Amorphous Apologist

I apologize wholeheartedly,
for imparting any impression I am
Pro-Choice. Or Pro-Abortion. Or Pro-Life.

I’m Pro-Liberty.

Here’s what it means to be “pro-choice” in a dystopian society that’s rapidly circling the drain. It means endorsing medical surveillance, it means allowing politicians to think for even a moment they may claim legal power or authority over my body (or anyone else’s). In the context of the liberty movement, it seems absurd to only have the choice between two binary and arbitrarily defined legislated positions. Let me assure you this is NOT political. However, in a increasingly disenfranchised nation rife with turmoil, a growing number are less able (or willing) to identify with either binary partisan affiliation.

There are MANY reasons for this disenfranchisement, and this is just one. Only being permitted two options, cannot constitute choice. Hopefully, if we engage in critical inquiry, and well informed discourse; the authoritarians will be rendered impotent, and subsequently desiccated. As for me, I am now spending the majority of my adult life as that gawkish and pathologically awkward teen, even more utterly embarrassed at the magoo and obsessively controlling antics of helicopter parents wearing new crinkly faced disguises.

In recent years, as we watch Roe vs Wade get considerably scaled back at the state level, (

Perhaps there’s more than a few things to consider of these battles before old foes meet on a battlefield that isn’t even theirs?

-First, how can these spuriously elected “representatives” actually believe people could or would trust them? Because we have no choice?

Yeah, that’s the type of free/dumb I want?!

-Second, it’s baffling such appointees actually think they have any power at all. Particularly over history.

Infanticide, as it was historically called, was practiced in virtually every culture, and indigenous peoples likely had plant based methods of inducing menstruation prior to modern medicine. And has even been covertly practiced by the Catholic church (that one’s for you, ACB).



-Third, these are bad faith actors, definitively under the sway of sentimentality promoted by propagandists, and we choose whether they have any power at all.

The exact scientific term is “Products of Conception”. It’s an embryo, a fetus, a zygote, etc… anyone who’s ever taken a basic college level “Anatomy and Physiology” course is aware of these terms. Abortion can occur spontaneously and naturally by the body. It’s past time to stop shaming this event in any and every capacity. Except in cases of penetrative or external trauma, it is physiologically impossible to tell whether menstruation has been deliberately induced or occurred naturally. Alleged “advocacy” and pro-life groups employ specific live human terms such as: “baby”, which everyone psychologically associates as a born child and living person. This is fraud, those who commit fraud to influence legislation should be prosecuted.


-Fourth, is: NOT a plan. We don’t have a plan.
We have a reality. One in which poor women, and those who would never consult a physician or clinic for other reasons, WILL and ARE independently acquiring low cost abortion pills (early in conception) from places where it’s MUCH cheaper (a double dose is less than $25USD). Additionally, they will not be medically surveilled or have the procedure permanently on their medical “record”; to be bought, sold, hacked, or traded like the consumer commodity it is.


Women do this. Every day. In the comfort, safety, and privacy of their own homes without the cold offices, protestors, medical forms from charlatans who call themselves doctors, or the authoritarians who will inevitably have the gall to legislate such decisions and negligently undermine bodily autonomy and liberty. This IS reality. Whether or not you decide to accept this reality, is NOT gonna keep the sovereign awake at night. Neither will her personally autonomous choice to terminate pregnancy in our disease ridden, filth infested, hell-hole of a planet. If anything, perhaps her independent and autonomous actions are radically humane, and indicative of having any conscious at all in a world where those without one can only proselytize.


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