The Columbine

Taken at Lone Cone, San Miguel County, Norwood CO 2013

Dedicated to Rachel Joy Scott, who knew she was going to die and wrote about it quite sometime before the incident which claimed her life… to the brief time I was fortunate to be acquainted with her. To all poets, those often called “witches”, the eclectic intuitive, the differently abled, and those with the quiet inclination of prophesy. To those who know the bane of being blessed.

These battles are not yet won,
The yarns of heroism not yet spun

Tremulous trigger finger itch.

Tales of war unwritten
Ravage in the mouths
On virgin tongues,

Starvation parable.

If “discretion is the better part of valor”
Does apathy and ignorance

in silent wake?
A tide of lives not ours to take,
Nor ever give.

No rite to self, or even live.

Are there too many cross hairs
Split lip crusading,
Hoisted high,

To save the armies of survived?

Arms raising palm fist to brow,
And shaded eye,
Beyond the breath

Of battle cry.



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