The Land of Enchantment

This last trek back was a record.

Left Denver at 0900 on Friday morning, didn’t get to my destination until 0330/4. Usually it only takes 13–14 hours, perhaps I was abducted by aliens somewhere in NM? I did stop in Santa Fe (the general halfway point) for about an hour, enjoyed the dog park with my furry son. There was a gnarly detour between Fountain and Pinon, CO that wound the entire traffic of the interstate around on dirt roads East of the interstate.

Weird sensation of being in the “Truman Show”, it’s getting logistically more difficult to get from one place to another. I’ve definitely noticed this. My Shug said today I have to stay away from CO… which is a HUGE red flag, since it’s the only way I’ll be able to continue with my career and education with the increased scope of practice for my state EMS cert (AZ doesn’t acknowledge AEMT-Advanced EMT; only EMT or Paramedic).

Also, stopped in Gallup, but 18+ hours is unprecedented.
Then there’s the government propaganda, which was heavy and super insane in NM, as opposed to AZ. When I got to AZ the digital road marquee signs simply read: “Drive Hammered- Get Nailed”, “Please stay home when sick, prevent the spread of COVID-19”… At least they said please?! *snark

Here’s what the “Land of Entrapment” had going for mind control techniques:

Drive by Shooting

I’m appalled by the extreme difference in psy-op programming between these neighboring states. Let’s take this wall apart brick by brick, and expound on the subtle nuances of this propaganda line by line, shall we?

A: “Hope is Here”
Isn’t this some audacious nationalism?! “Hope” is anywhere and everywhere the individual can find it, these days especially. Not just “shelter in place” and be afraid of the big bad boogey-monster of the day. It’s also an implicit nod to the release of the new world order mandating compliance via many illegal “emergency orders”, and the military industrial complex injection of experimental drug/tech into anyone and everyone who blindly trusts authoritarians; from Doctors to Politicians.

Doctors and politicians who intend to use everyone they can as a test subject.
This has been done before, with disastrous consequences for the compliant. Let’s be clear, this wasn’t a “Study” with fully informed consent, it was an experiment; just like the one currently underway.

“Hope” is a four letter word, so is “here”… these are being used in the context of obscenity, because they have been weaponized for purposes of mass control and domination of bodily autonomy.

B: “Keep up the FIGHT for NM”
Sooo… when did we all get forcibly drafted into this arbitrary “war” and all the battle blast propaganda that has come with it? Why specify NM, and not just say “keep up the fight”? Again, this is so obvious- localized and nationalist propaganda. Loyalism, and to instill “Us vs Them” mentality. To get people used to the idea of being attacked by some ethereal “other”.

“Keep wearing your mask
Avoid Groups”… almost seems like an afterthought, and it’s not even phrased as a request. It’s a definitive command from the authorities who wish they were, and a governor who defied quarantine lock downs to go buy jewelry.

Such appalling tyranny, and lack of civility by those in power, does justify… decisive action, in the name of liberty itself; and likely in a greater capacity than policing them harder than they presume authority to police us. Politics notwithstanding, this really has nothing to do with left or right, nor candidates and the popular pandemic pundit players being promoted by most mainstream media outlets.

Here’s additional source material to substantiate the incredible tyranny being perpetrated by those in perceived power.


This is the statist and totalitarian authoritarians nullifying the ADA… with our permission and complicity. This is dehumanization, and the next steps from them are killing/enslaving those who have been stripped of their humanity. I didn’t see propa messages this insidious in CO or in AZ.

It’s happening right before our eyes, and it’s how “The Land of Enchantment” became the “Land of Entrapment”. You better not be too scared to have a solid exit strategy, and the capacity to feel U.S. falling.




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